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Water Management Services

At ELM, we provide customized, cost-effective water management solutions to conserve water and comply with drought restrictions while preserving your landscape investment.

Maintaining beautiful, healthy landscapes requires efficient water management services. Water costs can go up quickly if you don’t rethink how you apply these resources to your landscape. An audit or even upgrade of your irrigation system is a crucial step to reduce your landscape maintenance overhead, while protecting your landscape investment.

Water Management Services at ELM

At Enhanced Landscape Management (ELM), we’re committed to eco-friendly landscaping—a philosophy that emphasizes efficient water management. To achieve this end, we have a team of professionals and modern irrigation technology in place to minimize waste and maximize efficiency.

What We Offer in Water Management Services

  • Landscape irrigation-system evaluation: A thorough assessment helps identify opportunities to reduce water usage while not risking the health of the landscape. Every site has its specific needs and requires a customized approach towards improvements.
  • Design and installation: We can design and install a customized water management program based on the unique needs of your type of property.
  • Irrigation system maintenance: Routine maintenance ensures your entire irrigation system is operating optimally. Irrigation systems are complex and to operate properly, our irrigation technicians provide service and support.
  • Smart irrigation technology: We can install weather-based controllers to conserve water based on weather conditions.
  • 24/7 emergency service: You can count on us to quickly respond to landscape and irrigation emergencies.
Water Management Services - Enhanced Landscape Management