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Public Space Landscape

Create and Maintain Safe and Spectacular Public Spaces with Our Exceptional Landscaping Services

Public spaces are at the core of every community. Parks, playgrounds, and other open spaces have a significant impact on our collective well-being. Whether it’s beautiful pathways lined with lush greenery, safe, well-manicured areas for children to play in, or a thoughtfully constructed outdoor space where people can meet and unwind, shared public spaces help bring entire communities together.

We Make Public Spaces Safe and Beautiful

At Enhanced Landscaping Management, we understand the role of beautiful and safe public spaces in promoting the overall health of all the residents of a neighborhood. As such, we offer a wide range of public space landscape maintenance services, including:

Public Park and Playground Maintenance

Whether your playgrounds and parks are new or well established, an effective public park maintenance plan and partner are crucial. Our team will routinely inspect and maintain these spaces to minimize injury risks and promote the safety of all park-goers.

As part of our public park and playground maintenance plan, we will

  • replace annuals yearly to give your space an aesthetic refresh
  • guarantee bushes and trees are well-trimmed and healthy
  • ensure that flowers can bloom their brightest by regularly watering the garden beds
  • maintain high-quality turf and fields through seeding, watering, and winterizing


As part of our beach maintenance services, we will

  • install, maintain, clean, repair/replace beach street furniture and remove it if necessary
  • clean the beach by collecting the trash, cleaning the sand, and regularly monitoring the sand quality
  • maintain, clean, or repair any other public infrastructure at the beach, as required


Our municipal landscaping team at ELM will help your town or city maintain attractive public spaces. Our services include:

  • Clearing dangerous trees from the streets and pedestrian walkways
  • Pruning damaged limbs from trees on park grounds and sidewalks
  • Eliminating limbs that are obstructing lights or other important signs
  • Restorative/maintenance pruning of shade trees
  • Taking care of plant health

How We Can Help You at ELM

Our team of skilled craftsmen, licensed arborists, and exacting managers will provide you with public space maintenance solutions all year round. We provide our services to a wide range of clients, including sports facilities, HOA communities, public spaces, resorts, and more all over California and Southern Nevada.

For more information on how our public space landscape management solutions can help you create and maintain safe and welcoming public spaces for your community, call us today at +1 805 557 2737 or send us an email at greg@enhancedlandscape.com.

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