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(Ventura County and Santa Barbara County)

As an industry leading, integrated site and landscape services company, we are committed to improving the appearance, enjoyment and ROI of your commercial and residential projects, 24/7, 365 days a year.

We Offer Best-in-class Landscaping and Maintenance Services at ELM

Commercial Property Landscape Maintenance

We will protect and maintain your property grounds, ensuring eye-catching first impressions for on-lookers

Tree Care

Our licensed arborists have years of experience and training and will take impeccable care of your plants year-round

HOA Landscape Maintenance

Our top-notch landscaping services will help develop and maintain the exteriors of your HOA community

Estate Landscape Management

From weeding and pruning to hardscaping and irrigation, our comprehensive services will visably enhance your estate

Public Parks and Municipalities Landscape

We will help maintain the public spaces to ensure greater safety and health for all members of the community

Water Management

Save water and energy, while ensuring optimal plant growth with our cost-effective solutions

Environmental Restoration

Protect your land and resources from further damage with our timely and effective restoration services

Hotel and Resort Landscape

Our first-class landscaping services will ensure a safe and thrilling experience for all your guests and visitors

Sports Complex Landscape

Design, build or renovate your sports complex with our sports turf maintenance services and more

Irrigation System Installation & Repair

Our smart-technology based watering solutions will ensure that your land stays optimally hydrated with negligible leaks


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(Ventura County & Santa Barbara County)

Enhanced Landscape Management in Ventura County & Santa Barbara County, CA