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Homeowner Association Landscape Maintenance

At ELM, Our Landscaping Experts Will Help You Develop and Maintain the Exterior Spaces of Your HOA Community

Are you looking to create and maintain attractive, top-quality outdoor living spaces for your HOA community? It often requires consistent efforts and expertise to develop enjoyable and stunning landscapes for the HOA residents. However, with the help of experienced landscape and tree care experts, you can efficiently preserve and even improve the aesthetic and functional appeal of the common area landscaping.

HOA Landscape Maintenance: What We Offer

At Enhanced Landscape Management, our team of professionals will take care of all the landscaping nitty-gritty to maximize the attractiveness and value of your community all year long. We can cover all aspects of HOA landscape maintenance, including irrigation/water management and tree care.

ELM HOA Landscape Portfolio: Our Work So Far

Our team has been providing superior-quality landscaping maintenance to homeowner associations for years. We've successfully delivered top-quality outdoor environments for expansive master-planned and multi-family communities to everything in between.

How Enhanced Landscape Management Can Help You

Your community’s investment in the landscape is large and is impactful to residents and visitors alike. You can count on us to help you protect these landscape assets as:

  • We’ll take care of your HOA landscape maintenance requirements all year long.
  • We have experience in providing fuel-modification and weed abatement services to help keep your community safe from fire danger.
  • We understand how to properly maintain drainage improvements.
  • Our arborists and professional team members have training and certifications to promote plant health and keep your exterior spaces safe, visually pleasing and welcoming.
  • We are a full-service landscaping provider dealing in landscape maintenance, irrigation/water management, construction, tree care, and much more.
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