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Estate Landscape Management

Manage Your Estate Landscape with Exceptional Results

At Enhanced Landscape Management (ELM), we provide exceptional landscaping services for estate properties. Our team of expert professionals strives to increase the value of your investment in landscaping, by keeping it beautiful and thriving.

Our estate landscaping management services include:

  • Pruning and Trimming Proper trimming and pruning techniques are a vital part of maintaining the aesthetics of shrubs and trees in your landscape, as well as promoting the vitality and health of your grounds. We use horticulturally proper pruning methods to maintain plant size and maintain the quality of plant material. This is essential for enhancing and maintaining your landscape’s original design concept.
  • Tree Care Our licensed arborists stand ready to present tree care plans tailored to your specific landscape needs and budget considerations. Further, we can provide tree hazard analysis and work to preserve your valuable investment of trees.
  • Irrigation & Water Management Nothing enhances the beauty of a property like a green, lush lawn and healthy, flourishing plants and flowers. We will diligently monitor and fine-tune your irrigation system to ensure your landscape is irrigated properly. Additionally, we can provide advice as to ways to conserve water and contend with drought regulations.
  • Enhancements & Upgrades As your property and landscape mature, some upgrades or changes may need to be made. Our landscape professionals can provide design and installation services to keep your landscape fresh and modern.

Choose ELM for Your Estate Landscape Management

Our clients know that to get the landscaping they desire, they need a professional landscaper who will dedicate their effort, time, and expertise to bringing their vision to life. Our team, which is comprised of landscape professionals from experienced managers and craftsmen to certified arborists and irrigation technicians is always available to serve you at any time or day of the year. If you are in California or Southern Nevada, and looking for peace of mind, then reach out to our experts at ELM today!

Estate Properties Landscaping & Lawn Management Services