• 27
  • Jan
  • 2016
El Nino Westlake Village CA

Will El Niño End the Drought?

Could our drought end with the downpour from El Niño?

Forecasts have predicted a wet and warm winter, with El Niño hitting Westlake Village, California in early 2016. With the big storm approaching, many are wondering how the land will manage with the huge intake of water, after suffering from a severe drought and a record-low snow total.

El Niño is predicted to bring a large amount of precipitation which will help replenish reservoirs and ground water, but without subzero temperatures to rebuild snowpack, California’s drought won’t be resolved with one wet winter. The drought has had an amazing impact on urban residents’ awareness of water use, and many have been conscious of lowering their use.

The NOAA, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, has predicted that the impending El Niño will rank “among the strongest on record” and will bring rain to the California state at the end of January. Although it will be more rain than usual, the NOAA have said it is unlikely to be enough to end the drought. California would need to close to twice its normal rainfall to get out of drought and that’s unlikely.

The upcoming El Niño will fill the reservoirs but most of California’s water supply comes from groundwater that needs snow to be replenished. Since El Niño is a very warm system, it remains to be seen how much of it will manifest itself as snowfall, which was at a record low last year!

In short, one season of above-average rain and snow is unlikely to remove four years of drought. This means that residents should continue to use their water conservation methods!

Fortunately, you can reduce your use of water through your landscape! Through plants that don’t use a lot of water, you can maintain a healthy environment without depleting water supplies. Contact the professionals at Enhanced Landscape Management today to ensure that your Westlake Village or Thousand Oaks yard and landscape are ready for El Niño!