• 9
  • May
  • 2014

Who Needs those Weeds? Abatement for Fire Protection Is More Important than Ever

pulling the weedsCalifornia’s drought has left fire experts predicting a longer and riskier wildfire season. Brush management and weed abatement play a key role in reducing that risk around residential buildings.

The Rules
California law mandates that at-risk communities inspect lots for overgrown weeds, brush, dead leaves and trash that could provide fuel for a wildfire. The goal is to clear this vegetation from the “defensible area” around each residence. Most areas notify the property owner of the need to clear or cut back hazardous growth. If the owner does not respond, the community may pay for an abatement service and bill the owner.

The Tools
Typically, communities require that an area 30 to 100 feet around a dwelling be kept clear of brush, and that weeds and grass be cut to less than 3 inches in height. Homeowners can use their rakes, mowers and labor, or hire a weed abatement service.

A weed abatement service provides expert, experienced support for improving the defensible area and removing or controlling weeds and brush. Contractors can bring a wide variety of tools to bear on the problem, ranging from simple mowing, spraying to power washes and even holistic grazing with goats in some areas.

If you’re pressed for time or unable to perform physical labor, a contractor may be a timely alternative that protects your home and could spare you from paying extra inspection fees or fines.

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