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  • 2013

What Is Slope Management And Do I Need It?

The concepts behind slope management are actually fairly simple, however the techniques used to manage them can be quite challenging. Basically, all slope management consists of is a way to control a hill, mountain or even a gentle slope so it can’t cause any damage to your property or property around you. All too often, a mud slide, erosion, an earthquake or even blown dirt and sand can create a damaging situation if a slope doesn’t have the proper management techniques applied. 

One major drawback to building on a slope or having a slope near your property is the fact your insurance may not properly protect you fiscally in case an event takes place. While having additional insurance in place helps, having a professional company come out and evaluate the slope and suggest measures that can be taken to prevent erosion, mud slides and other damaging events from taking place can make more of a difference in protecting you financially than insurance does. 

If your home or business is built on a slope or has a slope as a part of the property and you don’t have any slope management in place, contacting a company like Enhanced Landscape Management in the Thousand Oaks CA area is a must. Don’t take chances or assume your insurance will protect you. Contact them today and get the slope management techniques in place to truly protect your future!