• 6
  • Aug
  • 2014

New Water Restrictions for the Drought

There are many new water restrictions throughout California to help conserve water through the drought. Along with the restrictions, there are also water conservation rebates being offered for those people who participate in certain water conservation programs and incentives.

California is in of the worst droughts in recent history, which is why new nationwide regulations are stricter than ever. The new regulations were approved on July 15th, and went into effect on July 29th. These restrictions include prohibiting the hosing down of sidewalks and driveways, as well as watering outdoor landscapes that cause excessive runoff. There are also new restrictions that prohibit adding water to decorative water features unless it has a water recirculation system. California residents are also not allowed to wash their cars at home unless the hose has a shut-off nozzle.

The new regulations will be in place for 270 days, and people who violate the new regulations can face fines up to $500 a day. There are also new regulations for water suppliers that make outdoor water restrictions mandatory. Water reports have to be reported monthly starting August 15th to keep track of the water supply. These new water restrictions were put into place because, according to the state Water Resources Control Board, the drought shows no signs of dwindling.

There are also many conservation programs and incentives that are being offered to both private residents and businesses. Homeowners can get rebated for installing high-efficiency toilets and washing machine, as well as taking out their lawn and replacing it with drought resistant landscaping. Businesses can get rebated for installing high-efficiency plumbing fixtures and kitchen equipment.

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