• 27
  • Sep
  • 2013

Water Conservation and Lush Landscaping

You can enjoy lush, green landscaping even during dry periods with the right water management system. Conserving water in southern California is important. You can be environmentally friendly while still having a beautiful yard.

Water management and your landscaping

Proper irrigation and drainage systems ensure that water is provided where it is needed. Slope maintenance techniques can be used to reduce erosion while directing run-off to thirsty plants. Drought resistant grasses, including Bermuda and Zoysia are excellent lawn choices. Improvements in synthetic grass appearance make it an option to consider.

Choosing the correct ground cover will help keep needed moisture in your yard. Drought tolerant plants should be included in your design. Use more of these plants in locations prone to lengthy dry spells. Plants that require more moisture can be grouped appropriately, allowing you to water only select locations. Incorporate a decorative rain barrel into your design to store water for when you need it.

Expert arborists and horticulturists know the amount of water for the types of plants and trees you have. Enhanced Landscape Management provides all personnel with continuing training in water conservation, horticulture and environmentally friendly landscaping. Contact Enhanced Landscape Management today and let our years of experience provide you with a beautiful, green environment.