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  • Jun
  • 2014

Benefits of Backyard Gardens


Many people used to have fruit and vegetable gardens in their yard so they could eat fresh fruits and vegetables. Due to the commercialization of the food industry, it is not longer necessary to have gardens, since you can easily pick up anything you want from the store. Unfortunately, these fruits and vegetables are usually treated with some chemicals and growth hormones. Building your own backyard garden can help ensure that you and your family always have the freshest, safest fruit and vegetables to eat. Here are 5 reasons why you should consider building your own backyard garden:

  • Seal of freshness. Fruits and vegetables cannot get any fresher than the ones you pick in your own backyard. Produce at the supermarket is usually picked before it is ripe to prolong its shelf life. A backyard garden allows you to pick produce when it is properly ripe to ensure is freshness and flavor.
  • Assurance of quality. You are able to focus more on the quality and taste of produce when you grow it yourself. Commercial growers focus more on quality than quantity.
  • Value for money. The only money you spend to grow your own produce is the cost of the seeds. Produce in the store is unbelievable overpriced due to all the expenses of the operation.
  • Origin of products. Growing your own produce will you allow you to know everything about it. You can control the soil and seeds, making sure there are not any harmful residues on your food.
  • Wider array. You are able to choose any product that you want to grow, including produce that is not available in your local supermarket. The low cost also allows you to plant many different types of produce to try out new kinds.

When it comes to making sure your backyard garden is thriving as is should or to help you build a veggie garden, contact Enhanced Landscape Management today to get a quote. The picture above, owner ( Greg Epstein) and his daughter, is proof of the benefits of having your own backyard garden.