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  • Jan
  • 2015

Benefits Of A Veggie Garden

Reasons to Plant a Vegetable Garden

There has never been a better time to plant your own vegetable garden than now. With all the information that is available about what goes into your vegetables and how they make it to your grocery store, you may think twice about buying vegetables for your home. There are many different reasons why you should plant your own garden, including:

  • Cost – it is much less expensive to grow your own vegetables than it is to buy them each week. Whether you are starting from seed or a seedling plant, you can save hundreds of dollars a year buy growing and eating your own vegetables.
  • Know what you are eating – when you grow your own vegetables, you can control exactly what goes into them. You can keep your veggies completely organic, or choose to use a pest control product or fertilizer if you want. Knowing and controlling what goes into all of your dishes will give you peace of mind each time you make a meal.
  • Freshness – with your own backyard garden, you can always be sure that you have fresh produce to eat. Instead of relying on veggies that you bought days ago, you can simply go outside and pick exactly what you need.
  • Family – not only will eating fresh vegetables make your family healthier, but it will also give you a fun activity that everyone can do together. It is a great learning experience for children to get interested in what they are eating and where it comes from.

For all of your landscaping needs when building a veggie garden in your Conejo Valley yard, contact Enhanced Landscape Management in Thousand Oaks, California. We can help with every step of the process, from preparing the soil to picking out the right vegetables to plant.