• 18
  • Apr
  • 2014

Using Leftover Coffee Grounds In Gardening: Another Reason To Love Drinking Coffee

As you sit down at the kitchen table with your second cup of coffee, the sound of birds chirping outside in the back yard reminds you that you have to get started planting your flowers and getting your vegetable garden ready. Yet first thing is first: cleaning out the coffee maker. You remove the leftover coffee grounds and head over to the trash can.

Hold on! Don’t throw the leftover coffee grounds away. You can actually use them in your flower and vegetable garden to ward off insects and introduce more nitrogen into the soil to help make plants grow. Here are three uses for leftover coffee grounds.

Help plants absorb more minerals from the soil. Leftover coffee grounds contains trace minerals and can also add more acidity to the soil. Plants have an easier time absorbing the minerals they need to grow. Just stir the coffee grounds all over your flower beds in the front and back yard.

Give nitrogen to young seedlings. When you are making seed pots for delicate plants, you can give the plants the nitrogen they need to grow big and strong. Either place the leftover coffee grounds in the soil or place them in the watering can to make fertilizer “tea.”

Stop insects from munching on your plants. You grow the most beautiful plants every year only to have insects come over and munch on them as a morning snack. Place the leftover coffee grounds in a ring around the plants to ward off insects, according to This Old House.

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