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  • Feb
  • 2014

Using Decorative Stones in Your Landscape

While stone has always been a popular landscaping touch in the garden, a new landscaping trend is using decorative stones as focal points in the garden. These decorative stones move beyond using stone for pavers, retaining walls, and mulch, and use the natural beauty of stone as a classic design feature.


Large boulders can give your yard a focal point. Many times, these boulders are placed in the center of flower beds rather than in the middle of the lawn. Placing them in mulched areas minimizes the need for trimming grasses that grow around their edges.

Plant Markers and Inspiration

Using smooth river rocks with words engraved upon them is a new landscaping trend that adds much interest to the garden and landscape. Some people paint the names of the plants that are planted in the garden on the stones. Others use inspirational words and quotes on the stones in the garden. Words like "hope," "joy," and "beauty," can make a stroll through the garden a time of reflection.

Free-style Mounds

Some people like to express their own creativity by freely stacking stones into interesting mounds in the garden. These stacks are a sort of natural garden sculpture that can add great interest to the garden by varying the type of stone used and the formations of the mounds.

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