• 11
  • Oct
  • 2013

Tree Trimming for Safety, Health, and Appearance

Unlike flowers, trees live for a long time, so you might think they don’t require any maintenance — but that’s not really true. Periodic pruning and trimming is necessary for a number of reasons, including personal safety, tree health, and appearance. 

Regular tree trimming removes dead or diseased branches, ensuring that they don’t fall on you, your house, or your vehicle. In the aftermath of any storm is a key time to look into trimming and pruning for safety purposes. Trimming is also key for tree health because the removal of dead and decaying branches helps prevent disease and insects. Trimming also helps thin the canopy to let in more light and water. Finally, tree trimming services are great for maintaining the shape of your trees as well as for maximizing their flower yields to create the perfect outdoor home aesthetic. 

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