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Have You Considered Synthetic Grass?

Synthetic Grass Basics

Synthetic grass is not just for football fields anymore. Many homeowners are opting to rip out their lawn to install synthetic grass. Synthetic grass can be used in many different ways at your home, including a putting green to practice your golf swing or in homes with small pets.

One of the biggest benefits of adding synthetic grass in your yard is the low maintenance that it requires. Unlike real grass, synthetic grass does not require mowing, watering, trimming, or fertilizing. It will help to reduce your water bill while still looking great all year long, making it a great water-wise landscape design. There are many different types of synthetic grass depending on your needs, which makes it very hard to tell the real from the fake. Some products even have some brown blades blended into the green blades to make it look even more real.

The biggest downside to synthetic grass is that is can be expensive and can be difficult to install. While there are cheap lines of synthetic grass, you get what you pay for. If you are only willing to spend a couple hundred dollars for your whole yard, it will look unnatural and cheap. The turf can cost around $3 a square foot and costs up to $20 to be installed by a professional. Keep in mind that you will recoup these costs with the money you save on your water bill in just a year or two.

Contact Enhanced Landscape Management in Thousand Oaks, California for all of your Conejo Valley grass landscaping needs. Whether you are putting in synthetic or real grass, we can help through the whole process, from prepping the area to seeding or installing the lawn.