• 19
  • Oct
  • 2015

Start Enjoying Your Landscaping From Inside With These Tips

Indoor/Outdoor Landscaping Tips

When most people think of their landscaping, they only thing about how it looks while outside. However, your landscaping is also meant to be enjoyed while you are inside your house. Keep these tips in mind to help maximize your interior views with your outdoor landscaping.

  • Head inside before you plant – along with planning your entire landscape design from the outside, also take the time to consider the design from the inside of your house. Take a look at your design from inside your house to ensure that your view is not blocked by any tall grasses or bushes. Make sure to take a look at your design from every room that has views of your yard.
  • Choose the right colors – letting the colors of your landscape direct the color palette inside of your house can help to create a cohesive look throughout your entire property. If your windows face out to a bright and vibrant landscape, consider more neutrals in your house to bring the focus to your yard.
  • Start living outside – if you are not able to fully enjoy your landscaping with the current design of your house, create an outdoor living area. Something as simple as a well-placed outdoor couch with a small overhang can help you start enjoying all of your hard work.
  • Bring the greenery inside – adding some greenery to the inside of your house can help to draw your eye to your outside landscaping by connecting the colors. Adding some potted plants around your house will also give you the perfect excuse to open your drapes and curtains to let the light inside.

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