• 24
  • Feb
  • 2016
spring flowers westlake village ca

Rejuvenate Your Garden with Spring Flowers!

Winter is almost over… Prep your garden for spring blooming!

We all love the first flowers of spring! The bright pinks, deep lavenders, and joyful yellows are all true signs of springtime. Of course, sustaining visual interest in the garden is a goal for all garden enthusiasts at this time of year! Boasting flowers of spring and a manicured lawn is entirely possible to achieve (not just in those home and garden magazines!).

Here are your tips to get your garden looking it’s best for springtime.

  • Select quality bulbs – Look for those which are plump and firm. Avoid those which are soft, mushy, and on the small side.
  • Pick the right spot – Even healthy bulbs will fail if they’re planted in the wrong spot. Most bulbs bloom best in the sun and with well-drained soil.
  • Get the timing right – Spring-blooming bulbs, such as tulips and daffodils, should be planted in September or October. For summer-blooming beauties, such as dahlia and gladiolus, plant in spring.
  • Plant them deep enough – Generally, bulbs need to be planted a whole two to three times deeper than the bulb is tall!
  • Place them pointy side up – The pointed end should be sticking up.
  • Give them good quality soil – Well-drained soil rich in organic matter helps the possibility of good blooming.
  • Bulbs are plants, too – They will always appreciate a good drink after you plant them.
  • Make it easy! – Planning an overhaul of your garden? Let professionals take the reigns for a beautiful outcome!

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