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Small Space Landscaping Tips

Landscaping in Small Spaces

Having a small backyard does not mean that you have to sacrifice your landscaping. There are plenty of small spaces landscaping designs that can make your yard feel bigger while looking great. Keep these small space landscaping tips in mind when designing your small yard.

  • Use water – incorporating a small pond in your yard will help to reflect the surroundings, making the yard look larger. A long trough that outlines the yard will help to create a unique look without taking up too much precious space.
  • Take advantage of side yards – any bit of space that you have in your yard should be utilized, even if you cannot see it at all times. Side yards can be a cozy getaway by adding stepping stones and a small table.
  • Embellish walls – back walls that are simple wood or stone can be boring and a quick cutoff point for your yard. Embellishing them with bright paint or art can help to extend your yard up.
  • Pattern paving – when setting up a walkway made of pavers, go in a diagonal or curving path to make your yard seem deeper than it actually is. Straight lines will draw your eye directly to the back of the yard while a curving one will send your eye around the whole yard.
  • Blur the boundaries – use vines and trees to obscure the end of your yard. If you cannot see where the yard ends, you are more likely to think that it continues on.
  • Change levels – a change in the level of the yard, even just a couple of inches, will help to give a different perspective to the entire yard, making it seem larger.

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