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  • 2016
Several Plants You Can’t Kill

Several Indoor Plants You Can’t Kill

Do you want houseplants, but are having trouble keeping them alive? Here are several indoor plants you can’t kill very easily.

Houseplants seem like they’re going to be a lot easier than they actually are. Growing something indoors in a pot presents a whole number of issues, from poor drainage to little sunlight. Fortunately, choosing the right things to grow minimizes those potential problems. Here are several indoor plants you can’t kill – or at least would have to work really hard to kill.

  1. Cactus. Think about it. Cacti thrive in the desert with very little water. So if you forget to water yours for a while, no worries! The trick is to check out how much sun your cactus will need and place it so that it’s getting enough rays.
  2. Maidenhair Fern. Lacking sunny ledges? Try out the maidenhair fern. This little beauty thrives on the forest floor where very little sun reaches so it can grow without a lot of direct light.
  3. Fiddle Leaf Fig. Sure, the last two options might be great, but you’re looking for something with a bigger impact. Look no further! The fiddle leaf fig is a serious grower. Plus, it thrives in indirect sunlight and only needs to be watered a couple of times a week!

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