• 9
  • Sep
  • 2015

Save Water With These Landscaping Options

Water Saving Ground Covering

It is almost impossible to drive down any street in the Conejo Valley and find rolling, lush green lawns. After four years of one of the worst droughts in history, California homeowners are doing their part to help save water throughout the drought by letting their lawns turn brown. However, just because you don’t have a lawn does not mean that you have to suffer with an unsightly yard. Consider these ground-covering options that will keep your yard looking its best.

  • Groundcover – there are many types of ground covers that can be used to help reduce erosion and keep weeds out of your yard. Consider mulch and rocks from locally sourced areas, or crushed shells to create a beach look at your house.
  • Astroturf – fake grass is no longer just for football fields. More and more homeowners are putting Astroturf in their yards to create the same look as a lawn without the maintenance needs. Astroturf can allow for a softer underfoot feeling than other ground covering options.
  • Native plants – plants that are native to the area are much more acclimated to the climate, which means that they will not require as much water to keep them looking their best. Native plants also help to support local mammals, birds, and insects that help out the entire eco-system.
  • Desert plants – succulents, cactus, and other desert plants are able to thrive in the current waterless climate. They can be used as accents or in large quantities to create an entire look.
  • Drought-tolerant shrubs and grasses – sage, lavender, tea tree, and kangaroo paw are all great examples of drought tolerant plants that can help to add more personality to your yard. Installing a drip irrigation system for these plants can help to make sure that they get the water they need without wasting any water as you would with typical sprinklers.

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