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  • 2016
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How to: Make the Most Out of Your Sandbags

Use your sandbags as effective flood protection!

With the warnings and constant reminders of California’s El Niño threat that is yet to come, many residents are preparing their home for predicted flooding. The storm is estimated to bring a large amount of precipitation, causing floods, leaks, mudslides, and an increased number of car accidents.

Whether you’re a pro or a first-timer at battening down the hatches, here are 6 sandbag tips to help keep your home safe during the storm:

  1. Sandbags will not seal out water but they will help to divert it away from your home, garage, and car, enabling around 2 feet of protection.
  2. Most fire departments provide sandbags free of charge. However, don’t assume that the authorities will provide you with sandbags, let alone enough!
  3. Lay sandbags with seams and bag mouths facing inwards. This is where moisture enters the bags.
  4. Consider “pyramid style” protection if you need to create a wall higher than 3 layers. Place the sandbags to form a pyramid by alternating header courses (bags placed crosswise) and stretcher courses (bags placed lengthwise). Build the wall 3 times as wide as you need it to be high.
  5. It takes an average of 600 sandbags to cover a 100-foot section, 1-foot high. So get collecting!
  6. To lay sandbags in a doorway, it may be necessary to empty some of the contents out of shape the sandbags to achieve a good fit without overlapping.

For more tips on how to secure your home and landscape before the increased rainfall, contact Enhanced Landscape Management in Thousand Oaks, California. Serving Westlake Village and the surrounding areas, we can aid your Conejo Valley landscaping needs!