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  • May
  • 2014

Rose Growing Tips

Garden with stone landscapingRoses are some of the most beautiful landscaping plants. However, they can also be difficult to grow and they can sometimes be plagued with pests or fungi. Here are a few tips to keep your roses healthy and beautiful.

1. Plant the correct varieties.

There are hundreds of varieties of roses available. If you don’t want to spend hours in the garden working with plants, you can choose a low-maintenance variety like the newest Knock-Out Roses. However, if puttering around outdoors pruning and spraying is enjoyable to you, choose a hybrid tea that needs a little more TLC. Whatever kind you buy, be sure to choose certified, disease-free plants so that your rose growing experience will be long on flowers and short on frustration.

2. Keep them healthy.

It is easier to keep a rose bush healthy than it is to correct problems that have already invaded the plant. Clean up fallen debris, and trim away dead plant matter to keep diseases at bay. Keep your roses well-watered during dry spells and fertilize them on schedule. Don’t fertilize in the fall, because the resultant new growth will be damaged by frost, allowing disease and insects to invade the plant.

3. Learn to prune them properly.

Shrub roses need very little pruning to stay healthy. You may need to trim them back for size, but they do just fine with a once or twice a year pruning. However, hybrid teas need regular pruning. Some varieties are also very susceptible to mildew. Pruning twigs from the middle of the bush will allow air to penetrate the bush and keep it from developing fungal infections.

4. Address insect pests.

Learn to identify insect pests before you spray your roses. Regular spraying of roses can kill helpful insects, like honeybees and ladybugs. Encourage beneficial bugs in the garden that will feed upon sucking insects like aphids. Hand-pick Japanese beetles to keep them from devouring the leaves and blooms of your roses.

If you have been thinking of adding some roses to your landscape, now is the time to plant them. If you live in the Conejo Valley, Santa Barbara, Thousand Oaks, or Los Angeles, California areas, contact Enhanced Landscape Management to discuss adding roses to your garden.