• 22
  • Sep
  • 2014

Prepare your Yard for Fall with These Tips

When the temperature start to drop, it is important to make sure that your yard is ready. Keep these fall landscaping tips in mind to ensure that your yard makes it through the fall and winter temperatures.

  • Over-seed your lawn. Just like it sounds, sow seeds over you already existing grass to fill in any bare patches that were caused by the severe summer weather.
  • Rake the leaves. Fall means fallen leaves covering your yard. Allowing a thick layer of leaves to sit on your lawn will not allow your grass to “breathe,” which could cause many problems such as mold. Make sure to rake up any fallen leaves a couple of times a week to keep your yard looking its best.
  • Mulch your garden. Remove all plant debris from your garden and compost is if it seems like it is disease free. If it has signs of disease, make sure to properly dispose of it. Also make sure to pull up any weeds before rototilling the soil.
  • Put an end to weeds. Weeds can thrive in almost any environment, even the cold weather. Using a natural weed killer is the best way to make sure that your yard is not overrun this fall. Simple vinegar can be used to kill weeds, but make sure to be careful to only apply the vinegar to the weeds since it will kill any plant that it comes into contact with.

For more help getting your yard ready for the fall and winter temperatures, contact Enhanced Landscape Management. We can help with all of your landscaping needs to ensure that your yard makes it through the cold temperatures and is ready when the weather starts to heat back up.