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Preparation Tips for Your Spring Landscaping

Spring Landscaping Prep

As the weather starts to warm up for spring, it is the perfect time to start planning your spring landscaping. Planning ahead of time before spring arrives is the best way to ensure that your yard looks its best. Keep these tips in mind to prepare your yard to incorporate your favorite spring landscaping designs.

  • Know what pests you are dealing with – while you are planning your landscaping, make sure to consider the pests that are in your area. From wildlife to insects, there are many animals that can wreak havoc on your landscaping. There are many steps that you can take to prevent damage from pests, including wire mesh and fencing.
  • Plant the right plants – different plants thrive at different times of the year. When planning for your spring landscaping, make sure to choose plants that will thrive.
  • Plan for growth – when you plant your plants, keep in mind that they will eventually grow much larger. Make sure that they have enough room to grow properly without completely taking over your yard. Also, consider your window placement and walkways to make sure that they will not obstruct your view or walking paths.
  • Map out the area – stake out the areas throughout your yard that you will be planting your new scenery. Make sure there will be room to walk around the plants and that the plants will not obstruct your view.
  • Plan for maintenance – landscaping is not done once you put the plants in the ground. Maintenance is required throughout the year to keep your yard looking its best. If you do not have the time to do the maintenance yourself, make sure to find a professional landscaper who can do the work, such as Enhanced Landscape Management!

For all your Conejo Valley landscaping needs and to ensure that your yard is ready for your spring landscaping ideas, contact Enhanced Landscape Management in Thousand Oaks, California.