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  • 2014

Planning your Thousand Oaks Spring Garden During the Winter Months

When thinking about spring planting in Thousand Oaks, California, the mild climate makes it easier for you to make preparations during the winter. A representative of Enhanced Landscape Management can help you, whether you’re planning to grow a practical vegetable garden or a picturesque flower garden. 

Planing your soil with the proper hand tool or machinery makes it easier to plant seeds and grow a spring garden. When preparing soups and salads during the cold winter months, save carrot tops and root bottoms, celery tops and leaves and even banana peels. Add the extra vegetable matter, along with raked fall leaves, to your compost pile.

You don’t need to wait until spring to add your compost materials to your soil. After adding the compost, spend time pulling out weeds, rocks and other types of debris. The next step is to protect your soil by covering it with a black tarp. For more information about spring planting ideas in the Thousand Oaks, California, area, please contact Enhanced Landscape Management.