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Creating Pet Friendly Landscaping

Pet Friendly Landscaping

Having a dog is a great way to add a little extra love to your home. It can also mean a destroyed backyard if you do not prepare properly. Keep these pet friendly landscaping tips in mind to ensure that your furry friend does not mean the end to your lush backyard.

  • Gentle hardscape – hard surfaces for dogs to walk on will help to reduce the amount of damage they do to your grass and plans. Look for smooth flagstones that will be comfortable for your pooch to walk on.
  • Comfy mulch – mulch is another great option when it comes to walkways for your dog. Small cedar chips will add a unique design element to your yard while still being easy on your dog’s paws. As an added bonus, small chips typically do not stick to hair, which means your dog will not be bringing the chips inside.
  • Borders – creating borders around your plants will help to guide dogs away. Consider large pieces of driftwood that look good while still getting the job done.
  • Running track – create a track for your dog to run on. Not only will it keep them entertained and allow them to exercise, but also it will help to keep them away from areas of your yard that they could trample.
  • Plants – when choosing the right plants for your backyard, look for plants that have soft foliage yet are still sturdy enough to stand up to any roughhousing.
  • Marking post – if you have a male dog, add a sculptural piece of wood where he can mark his territory. Giving him a specific place will help to save your plants from dying or wilting.

For more tips on how to create the perfect dog-scape in your Conejo Valley yard, contact Enhanced Landscape Management in Thousand Oaks, California.