• 28
  • Sep
  • 2015

Look Out For Enhanced Landscape Management in ConejoView!

Breast Cancer Awareness

October is almost here, and while many people associate the month with ghosts and goblins, at Enhanced Landscape Management, we use the month to help support Breast Cancer Awareness! ConejoView magazine will be highlighting our efforts to raise awareness in their magazine that will be sent out in the mail during the first week of October.

For the past four years, Enhanced Landscape has been changing its uniform to a bright pink shirt throughout the month of October. Our entire team, including out management, sports pink shirts as part of the vision of owner Greg Espstien. The shirts are meant to highlight the importance of providing support for survivors, advocates, and all others who participate in the breast cancer awareness movement. The shirts are our way of having a positive impact on the breast cancer community.

For more information on Enhanced Landscape Management in Thousand Oaks, California and our participating in Breast Cancer Awareness Month, make sure to check out ConejoView magazine and contact us today!

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