• 28
  • Nov
  • 2014

Creating a Tuscan Landscape Design

group of images with ceramic ceramic pots decorated with garlandRecently, one of the biggest trends in landscaping is Tuscan design. The impressive design captures Tuscan themes that have been recognized around the world for centuries. There are many elements that go into creating a Tuscan garden, but the final product is always worth the work.

Some of the elements within Tuscan gardens are stonework, gravel, fountains, terra cotta pots, and boxed hedges. In Tuscany, many of the landscapes are also surrounded with olive trees or a vineyard. If you can, incorporate potted herbs and citrus plants throughout your garden it will help give it a traditional feel.

Incorporate these few things to give your yard the trendy look:

  • Pergolas and arbors – arbors and pergolas are the perfect place to relax. The best area for pergolas and arbors is in an area that has the best view of the landscape.
  • Benches and chairs – uniquely styled chairs spread throughout your landscape offer a quiet place to stop and enjoy the beauty.
  • Labyrinths – also known as mazes, these are a unique addition if you have the space. Originally used for meditation walks, they are also a great place for children to play.
  • Vegetable and herb gardens – the delicious fresh veggies and herbs that come out of the garden are used in all Italian dishes. Incorporating a garden into your yard will ensure that you always have the right ingredients for your dishes.

For all of your landscaping needs when creating the perfect Tuscan style design in your Conejo Valley yard, contact Enhanced Landscape Management in Thousand Oaks, California.