• 23
  • Apr
  • 2014

Keep Customers Safe With Lighting And Parking Lot Maintenance

Customers don’t want to pull into a parking lot with overgrown shrubs around the property border, poor lighting and broken cement. Besides being worried about the damage to the vehicle driving over the potholes, the person will be worried about their car getting stolen or being mugged if going to the building at night.

Proper parking lot and lighting maintenance is essential for every business owner. While you may be worried over the expenses of maintaining the parking lot, you won’t be in business for long if people don’t want to drive up to the building. The loss of profits will be extremely detrimental to your operations.

Perform maintenance all over your parking lot, not just at the main entrances, exits and parking spaces closest to the store. Fill in potholes. Trim shrubs to increase visibility in the parking lot. You can figure out the correct illumination for parking lot lights by using simple luminaire calculators. These calculators allow you to figure out the right lighting level based on the size of your parking lot so the lights use a minimum amount of energy.

Have the best landscaping for your residential and commercial property. For more information about landscape and maintenance services in California, please contact Enhanced Landscape Management located in Conejo Valley at 805-557-2737. We provide service in Santa Barbara and Los Angeles County.