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  • Jan
  • 2014

Irrigation Evaluation: What Is It and Do I Need It?

Did you know that in many urban areas, watering the garden and landscape takes up about 25 percent of a home’s water supply? That sounds like a lot, doesn’t it? Well, did you also know that most yards actually receive double the amount of water that they actually need?

What Is an Irrigation Evaluation?

An irrigation evaluation is performed on your irrigation system in order to identify effective ways to conserve water while reducing water bills. An irrigation evaluation will include a visual as well as an operational inspection of your current irrigation system. In many cases, you’ll receive a customized watering schedule when a professional performs the evaluation.

Do I Need It?

Does your water bill seem high? Do you want to ensure that you don’t use more water than necessary for your lawn? If so, then you need an irrigation evaluation. Thanks to those that participate in irrigation evaluations, millions of gallons of water are saved each year with many households being able to reduce their water usage by around 20-30 percent.  

As you can see, it pays to take the time to evaluate your irrigation system and determine where improvements can and need to be made. To schedule your irrigation evaluation, please contact Enhanced Landscape Management. We provide a variety of landscaping services to Thousand Oaks, California, and surrounding areas.