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  • Feb
  • 2015

Illuminating Your Home With Low Voltage Lighting

Benefits of Low Voltage Lighting

A properly lit yard is the best way to show off your landscaping. However, it can also lead to a higher energy bill if you use just any lightbulb that you have available. Low voltage lighting is the best way to highlight your landscaping without emptying your wallet. There are many benefits of low voltage lighting, including:

  • Energy efficient – low voltage light bulbs will emit just as much light as incandescent bulbs do while using 20 percent less energy.
  • Save money – since low voltage lighting uses much less energy than traditional light bulbs, they will help to keep the cost of your energy bill low while still keeping your yard bright.
  • Low heat contribution – low voltage lights stay cool to the touch, leading to low heat contribution to the surrounding area. Installing low voltage lighting is also a great way to ensure your sensitive plants will not wilt and die.
  • Long life span – many low voltage lights, especially LED low voltage lights, will last up to 50 times longer than halogen and incandescent light bulbs. As a result, you will not have to replace your light bulbs nearly as much.
  • Safety – low voltage lights are much safer to install when compared to the installation process of more traditional types of lighting. Since they only use 12 volts of electricity through a power transformer that is connected to a standard 110 volt outlet, you can install the lights without having to turn off the main power supply. An added plus is that there is no risk of electrocution when the lights are exposed to rain.
  • Versatility – low voltage lights come in much smaller sizes compared to other types of lighting and bulbs, which means that they can be installed into smaller spaces to light up your yard.

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