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  • Feb
  • 2014

Have a Drought-Tolerant Landscape with Enhanced Landscape Management

While many people love the idea of having a landscape that needs very little water, they assume that they will end up with a yard full of cacti. However, this is not the case. Many attractive plants, trees, and shrubs have low water needs. By landscaping your yard with these types of plants, your landscape can be lush, colorful, and beautiful even in the depths of a drought.

Many communities are adopting strict water restrictions in the face of severe water shortages in the West. By using a landscaping company that has expertise in water-efficient landscaping, you will not have to sacrifice aesthetics. Many of the changes that they will make are simply a matter of choosing native plants that are adapted to drier climates. Rather than using conventional grasses for the lawn, your landscaping company may plant native meadow grasses that have lovely flowers and require no mowing. Instead of traditional boxwoods, your home can be landscaped with drought-tolerant junipers. Rather than using plants like petunias that wilt in the afternoon sun, you can have  coneflowers, zinnias, and yarrow for color.

If you need a landscaping company to help you redesign your home’s landscape to work within tough watering restrictions, you can call Enhanced Landscape Management. We have the expertise to give your yard a total drought-resistant makeover. Enhanced Landscape Management serving the Conejo Valley, Thousand Oaks, and Westlake, California areas. Contact us today!