• 23
  • Oct
  • 2014

Create Fall Color in your Garden

As the temperatures drop, we can’t forget about our gardens! Fall is a good time to freshen up your garden with some new flowers and an updated landscape. Keep these planting tips in mind to help ensure your garden is full of fall color this season!

  • Make sure to loosen the roots of each plant once it’s out of the post! Your plant needs to breathe and it’s restricted in the container it comes in.
  • Condition the soil that you’re planning on planting the flowers in with compost, peat moss, or manure. One part soil conditioner should be mixed with two parts soil.
  • Make sure to dig the plant hole at least twice the diameter of the root system of the plant!
  • Always water the plant immediately after planting. Pay close attention to the water content of the soil around the plant for the first couple of weeks it’s in the ground.
  • For the first couple of feedings, feed it with a fertilizer that includes vitamin B1.
  • Utilize mulch while the plant is growing to help minimize the number of weeds in the area and to keep the soil cool. It’s important to make sure that the mulch is never more than 2 inches deep.

Keep in mind the right flowers that will best bloom in fall! Garden mums and pansies are some of the most common fall flowers since they come in many different colors! Hardy asters are also a great choice and can add different levels of flare to your garden.

For any questions or concerns about your Conejo Valley fall garden and to make sure it looks its best, contact Enhanced Landscape Management. We will help you create a garden to be proud of!