• 6
  • Jan
  • 2014

Enhance Landscape Management Advises you to Keep up with Winter Pruning.

Enhanced Landscape Management understands the importance of winter pruning, especially for people who live in California. The weather here is generally warmer than in the eastern side of the country, so your bushes and trees will need more cutting this time of the year.

For winter deciduous plants, the California Native Plant Society recommends you trim them right after the huge leafy growth spurt. However, experts recommend that you do this during drier times versus wetter seasons to make the job easier.

The rose bush is an example of a plant that keeps growing in this state all year long because of the warmer climate. You will want to take care of your precious flowers in late winter right before it’s time for vegetation to bloom again.

Do you need help with landscape and maintenance around your Thousand Oaks, California home? If so, please contact Enhanced Landscape Management today. We clear away all the old growth to make room for the fresh, new plants.