• 26
  • Sep
  • 2014

Drought Landscape Design


California is in one of the worst droughts in history, and it shows no sign of getting better in the future. Swapping out your landscaping to create a drought tolerant landscape will help you do your part to save water through this drought. Keep these drought resistant landscaping tips in mind to help conserve water.

If you still want a mostly green yard, succulents are the best choice. Since they are well adapted to thriving in dry areas, they do not require a lot of water. They come in many different shapes and sizes that will create an interesting and eye-catching landscape. Many succulents have very colorful blooms to allow you to enjoy all the colors of nature. Some succulents, such as specific aloe plants only bloom in winter, which is a great way to add a pop of color while all the other plants are dormant.

Another good choice for a drought resistant landscape is to mix in stones or woodchips. With many different colors, choosing a unique ground covering will create an exciting texture that will add to the overall look of your yard. If you still want to have some green in your garden, consider mixing stones and plants, to allow you to enjoy the plants, while not having to use as much water to keep it looking its best.IMG_20140717_080303_493

You may also choose to skip the majority of plants and opt for different design features. Adding a fireplace with built in seating does not require very much work, and will be a great place to hang out when the weather cools down.

For all of your landscaping needs to ensure that you are doing all you can to help save water through the drought, contact Enhanced Landscape Management in Thousand Oaks, California. We will work with you to create a beautiful design in your yard that will thrive in the current drought.