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  • Apr
  • 2014

Drought Tolerant Landscaping Doesn’t Sacrifice Looks to Save Water

All over California and the western portion of the United States, homeowners are facing challenges in keeping their properties looking decent during the current drought. Drought tolerant landscaping, offers people an alternative to the water-hogging grass and flowers that won’t continue thriving under current or future water restrictions local communities impose on residents.

Sunset Magazine and Better Homes & Gardens offer excellent suggestions to homeowners who need to find alternatives to grass and other plants and flowers that need lots of water. Get rid of grass and replace it with interesting-looking ornamental grasses or ground covers. What you loose from colorful flowers, you gain in other ways, especially the interesting colors and textures of succulents, and decorative grasses.


Use edging between pathways and planting beds to cut water loss from run-off. Heavy layers of mulch will limit weed growth and cut moisture loss from sun-related evaporation. Protecting the ground with plants and mulch is important for preventing soil erosion as well.

Since most people don’t have the knowledge or resources to replace their existing landscaping alone, contacting Enhanced Landscape Management, located in Conejo Valley assures homeowners that their property is nicely landscaped, while conforming to local water restrictions. The company offers service in the Los Angeles County and Santa Barbara areas.