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  • 2015
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Drought Resistant Design Ideas for Your Yard

Drought Resistant Yards

Swapping out your lawn for more drought resistant plants cannot only help you save money and water, but it can also completely transform the look of your yard. Keep these design ideas in mind to help your yard thrive in the California drought.

  • Completely lose your lawn – adding various colors of grass, fruiting plants, and shade trees help to give your yard color and depth. Look for plants that do not need to be extremely green to match the look of your home to reduce the amount of water that you need to use. Adding in different size boulders and rocks can help to add an extra level to your yard.
  • Lawn alternatives – instead of covering your entire yard with grass, look for a lawn alternative. Myoporum parvifolium is native to Australia and needs very little water to survive. It can grow from 3 to 9 feet tall and spreads out about 9 feet to give you tons of ground coverage. Just keep in mind that it will not stand up to very heavy foot traffic, so place it wisely.
  • Permeable paving – mixing up large stone slabs with smaller beach pebbles can help any water soak into the ground, while covering it. The hard stones will create a perfect walkway up to your house.
  • Shade trees – planting sycamore trees will help to shade your house during the summer months, which will keep your house cooler. While they can thrive with a lot of water, they will simply go to sleep during the drought.

For all of your Conejo Valley landscaping needs, contact Enhanced Landscape Management in Thousand Oaks, California. We will work with you to create the right look in your yard with drought resistant plants to help conserve water at your house.