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  • Nov
  • 2014

Landscaping for the Cool Weather

Colorful residence in Point Loma california.The weather is finally cooling down in the Conejo Valley, which means it is time to get your landscape ready for winter! While many people may believe that the dropping temperatures means that they have to sacrifice color in their yard, there are many plants that allow you to enjoy color all year long. Keep these tips in mind to keep your yard looking its best this fall and winter.

  • Choose the right plants – there are many plants that thrive in the cooler weather, including pansy, snapdragon, petunia, hollyhock, poppies, and ornamental kale and cabbage.
  • Choose the right colors – while there are different plants that will add a variety of color to your garden, do not go overboard. Make sure to plan out your design and focus on colors that will blend seamlessly into your landscape. Also, consider matching the color of your landscape to your home décor to create a flawless look. Keep in mind that paler colors look better in low light and pastels will make a space look even bigger.
  • Focus attention – color is the best way to draw attention to a specific area of your home. Use bright colors in areas that you want people to notice, such as a fountain. Do not use bright colors around an “unattractive” area of your yard, such as a storage shed or where you keep your trashcans.
  • Enjoy your garden – make sure that you are able to enjoy all the colors in your garden, whether it is on your porch or in your backyard.

Contact Enhanced Landscape Management for all of your landscape needs throughout the Conejo Valley. We can help you create the perfect look for your yard with the beauty of cold weather plants!