• 28
  • Oct
  • 2013

Color Management For Your Landscape

One of the more dramatic treatments you can add to a landscaping project is creating an annual color management program. An annual color management program makes sure that your property has a splash of color that will look good all year long. It is also important that it is in an amount that is easy to take care of.

Color management is implemented through the use of annual flowers, bushes that change colors, flowering trees and may even be enhanced through lighting. When done through the use of an expert, annual color management adds colorful accents to your home and property. Properly designed color management brings your landscape to life and can add appeal and value to your home and property.

Enhanced Landscape Management has 65 trained employees including expert horticulturists, arborists. We utilize 30 clean, well equipped vehicles. We assist Thousand Oaks, California property owners with small landscape fix-up projects to full property make-overs. Contact us today to learn more about annual color management and our full array of landscape services.