• 21
  • Aug
  • 2015

California Landscape Design Is Changing

Expect A Shift In California Landscape Design

Talk about the California drought is not new. Years into this water shortage, the media is buzzing about our need for rain, our new water restrictions, and what we all need to do to survive the dry time. The landscaping industry has been buzzing, too.

Beginning on December 1st, plants that use a lot of water—namely, turf grass—will need to be limited to just 25 percent of the yard in new residential landscapes larger than 500 feet and any outdoor areas of 2,500 or more that will be renovated and require a permit, design review, or plan check.

This may sound like a limit, but it is actually exciting to many landscapers. In fact, a lot California landscape experts are actually looking forward to the change. Rather than the traditional (i.e. relatively boring) swaths of grass, they will have the freedom to turn business and homeowners’ outdoor areas into native landscapes filled with verdant visual interest. In lieu of turf, they are turning to native plants that offer textures, colors, and seasonal changes and will attract birds and butterflies!

Are you ready to get your yard in compliance with the new water restrictions and stay ahead of the curve of the new trends in California landscape design? If so, contact Enhanced Landscape Management in Conejo Valley. With years of experience serving California home and business owners, helping them craft their ideal landscapes to work with their tastes and the current weather conditions, we know we can deliver your dream landscaping to you!