• 28
  • Aug
  • 2015

New Water Regulations Being Put in Place

Drought Friendly Ordinance

Even with the recent storms, the California drought is showing no signs of improvement. Well into the fourth year, the drought is causing many new rules and regulations to be passed about how much water can be used on landscaping.

The California Water Commission recently approved new limits on the amount of water that can be used to water the landscapes around newly constructed buildings, including businesses, houses, and schools. The ordinance limits grass to only 25 percent of a home’s back, side, and front yard in all new construction projects. Even those homeowners who have lived in existing homes for many years face new restrictions. Any homeowners that start significant renovations of any outdoor areas at their house that has more than 2,500 square feet of landscaping will also have to deal with water cutbacks.

Esther Margulies, a landscape architecture instructor at USC says that these new regulations are a huge step forward in helping people be more responsible with their water usage. It also means that people will have to learn more about California native and friendly plants.

The new ordinance is expected to help reduce the amount of water that is used at new homes by around 20 percent, or about 12,000 gallons per year. Water that is used on new commercial landscapes will be cut by more than 30 percent. All of the new rules are scheduled to take effect on December 1st.

There are exemptions that are in place for landscapes that are irrigated with recycled water, as well as recreational areas. Families still have the option to install small areas of lawn at their yard to allow pets or children to play.

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