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Best Types of Wood to Use For Raised Garden Beds

Best Types of Wood to Use For Raised Garden Beds

Raised beds can resolve many-a gardeners’ woes – but the type of wood one chooses is important!

You’ve got perfect soil, a level yard, consistent rainfall, and everything grows beautifully in the Californian sun…right? Every garden has challenges and raised beds can solve many of them!

As raised garden beds are a popular and effective addition to any growing patch, the wood that one chooses is more important than you think! Wood is a popular choice for building plant boxes because it’s fairly inexpensive, readily available, and lasts for a handful of years. You have to choose carefully to avoid contaminating the soil and find to an eco-friendly source.

It all comes down to one question: what is the best wood for raised garden beds?

Local and Sustainable: The best choice (and the kindest on your wallet) is locally-sourced wood, coming from sustainably-managed tree farms. Opt for local wood over forest clear-cutting supplies!

FSC Certified: If possible, use wood with the FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certification! The FSC is an international, non-profit organization that promotes the responsible management of forests.

Durable: 1” of untreated pine can last around 10 years. Other naturally rot-resistant woods will last even longer.

Here are a few popular types of wood:

  • Naturally rot-resistant, long-lasting: Cedar, yew, redwood, juniper
  • Dense woods: Black walnut, white oak, locust wood
  • Other: Spruce, pine, Douglas fir


  • Recycled or reclaimed wood if you don’t know the origin or if the wood has been strained or painted.
  • Pressure-treated wood.

After building your raised garden beds, your garden will need a bit of catching up to your plant patch! To ensure safe water drainage and additional landscape management needs, contact Enhanced Landscape Management!

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