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Orange tree

Best Citrus Trees for California Yards

California Citrus Trees

Living in California means that you can enjoy the warm sunshine all year long. It also means that you can enjoy delicious citrus fruits that other areas of the country have to import. Consider planting these citrus trees in your yard as a great way to add some color and functional beauty to your yard.

Orange Trees:

  • Trovita – one of the best juicing oranges available, Trovitas are almost as sweet as Navel oranges and are very adaptable to the climate of California.
  • Blood oranges – the color of blood oranges can range from mild to dark maroon depending on the climate and soil. The taste is very distinct in comparison to other orange varieties.

Lemon trees:

  • Eureka – a Eureka is a small to medium sized tree that produces a very acidic lemon with only a few seeds. While they are harder to peel, they are the best lemon to squeeze.
  • Pink lemon – the fruit of a pink lemon tree has a pinkish hue, which is very attractive and adds a pop of color to any landscape.

Kumquat trees:

  • Kumquats – kumquats can grow year round and can be eaten alone, added into salads, or used to make jams and sauces. The dwarfing, shrubby growth makes the trees perfect as a container plant.
  • Limequats – with a unique flavor and only a few seeds, limequats rarely become ripe but maintain a very light color.

Lime trees:

  • Key lime – key limes are the perfect choice for desserts and mixed drinks. They bear fruit all year round and have a very fresh scent.
  • Bearss lime – these trees produce a seedless, juicy lime while staying very compact while growing.

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