• 14
  • Aug
  • 2015

Refresh Your Backyard Landscape With Water

Check Out These Backyard Trends

In the thick of our California drought, the three-tiered foundation with wide bowls that offer plenty of water surface for evaporation and water loss are over. That does not mean you have to cut water out of your backyard landscape, though! Here are a few ideas for landscaping with water that will beautify and refresh your California yard.

  • Pondless Waterfall: You might love the look of a waterfall but think you have to skip it because you cannot sustain a pond for it to flow into in your backyard. Good news! The pondless waterfall disappears into a basin filled with stones, then is quickly recirculated, minimizing water waste and adding the visual and audial interest of flowing water to your yard.
  • Landscape Lines: Long, narrow, shallow linear containers filled with water will create beautifully clean lines through your yard, creating a border without making your yard feel too sectioned off.
  • Homage To Water: Want to bring the concept of water into your yard without actually bringing in any water? Try a dry streambed, which will look beautiful and create movement through your yard, or a rain chain to add visual interest between your gutter and the ground.

If you work with the experts, implementing water into your landscaping and still complying with the new water restrictions is completely possible! To talk with someone about how you can incorporate water into your Conejo Valley outdoor space, contact Enhanced Landscape Management today.