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Let Us Build Your Backyard Games!

Backyard Game Rules

The weather is heating up for spring, which means you will probably be spending more time in your backyard with your family. While simply sitting in your favorite chair and enjoying the sun is relaxing, there is much more that you can do in your backyard to make it the favorite hangout spot. Building a fun backyard game area can lead to hours of fun.

Some of the best games to play in your backyard include:

  • Cornhole – an essential beanbag toss game, cornhole is fun for people of all ages. The cornhole boards are angled pieces of wood with a hole at the top, big enough for a beanbag to fit through. Teams of two are set about 20 feet apart and take turns trying to toss their 4 bags into the hole of the other team’s board. Each bag that makes it into the hole is 3 points and bags that land on the board is 1 point. The first team to 21 points wins!
  • Horseshoes – the game of horseshoes has been around for many years. The shoe that lands closest to the pole (as long as it is within six inches) will provide one point. Any shoes that make it around the pole brings in three points. The first player to 21 points wins.
  • Bocce Ball – the point of bocce ball is to get your ball closest to the “jack” as possible. Two teams take turns tossing or rolling their ball towards the jack, and after all balls are thrown, the score is added up. The winning team of the round gets one point for each ball that is closest to the jack, and two points for any ball that is “kissing” the jack.

Contact Enhanced Landscape Management in Thousand Oaks, California for help building all of your backyard games to enjoy tons of family fun this spring and summer!