• 6
  • Nov
  • 2013

Autumn Nightscaping for Beauty 24 Hours a Day

Boost the beauty of your fall garden with nightscaping that keeps your yard as gorgeous throughout the night as it looks during the day. By installing energy-efficient outdoor lights around your home, you can showcase the shapes, textures and colors of fall foliage well into the evening hours. 

Take advantage of the cool, crisp weather by creating an outdoor space that everyone will want to spend time in. A strategically lit bubbling fountain, single Japanese maple or simmering fire pit makes a stunning outdoor centerpiece, while uplighting lends a gentle glow to the yard without creating a harsh glare. Illuminate a path to create an inviting walkway for visitors to stroll your garden at night, but consider safety and sweep the path free of fallen leaves during the day.

Get advice and inspiration for your autumn nightscaping project by calling Enhanced Landscape Management today.