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  • May
  • 2014

A Quick Guide On Growing Bougainvillea This Summer

ブーゲンビリアThe tropical vines and spreading shrubs known as bougainvillea Los Angeles, Santa Barbara, and the surrounding area thanks to the mild winters. While these decorative plants offer some of the boldest blooms you can get, they also need the right care and proper planting to thrive. Follow these easy tips for a bougainvillea that blooms this summer.

Start With Soil

Fine, branching roots call for a loose and fast-draining soil. Wet conditions rot the roots. If you are using a container, stick with a chunky soil mix designed for roses. Position the plant in full sun for the showiest results.

Feed Regularly

Producing those big flowers takes a lot of nutrients. Provide a fertilizer once a week during blooming season that is high in nitrogen and potassium with low phosphorous levels. Too much of the latter triggers stem and leaf growth rather than the development of flower buds.

Withhold Water

While the plant does need about one inch of water per week when putting out new leaves in the spring, you should cut back as summer arrives to trigger bloom development. Drier conditions tell the plant it’s time to flower. Cut back until the leaves are nearly wilting to create a little stress that won’t hurt the bougainvillea in the long run.

Winter Protection

The area is warm enough most winters for bougainvillea to grow right through, but frost kills this tender tropical. Plan to wrap your favorite plants if the weather forecast is calling for temperatures below 40 degrees.

If you need help getting your bougainvilleas established in Conejo Valley or Thousand Oaks, call Enhanced Landscape Management for landscaping assistance.