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  • Feb
  • 2015
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7 Benefits of Lawn Aeration

Lawn Aeration Benefits

Lush green lawns can completely transform the curb appeal of your yard. It can also act as the perfect place to enjoy the beautiful Southern California weather with your family. Aerating your lawn can help to ensure that it looks its best throughout the year. There are many benefits of lawn aeration, including:

  1. Reduced soil compaction – hard soil does not allow grass to grow properly. Aerating your lawn will break up the soil, allowing the roots to get deeper into the soil. As an added bonus, the deeper the roots of your lawn, the less you have to water.
  2. Reduced thatch – thatch is made of grass roots and stems that build up faster than they breakdown. Lots of thatch on your lawn is the perfect environment for bacteria and pests to thrive.
  3. Access to the root zone – when you penetrate the soil through aeration, you allow air, moisture, and food to enter into the root zone where different nutrients can be absorbed.
  4. Enhanced seed germination – seeds germinate much easier in aerator holes since the holes provide a place for them to hide and take hold.
  5. Thicker grass – aerating your lawn allows new grass seeds to fill in bare areas of your yard, while also helping to thicken the existing turf. There are many factors that help to contribute to the breakdown of your lawn, including heat, foot traffic, environmental conditions, and more.
  6. Resistance to disease – when you incorporate different grass seed blends, you help to reduce the risk of disease that can ruin your entire lawn.
  7. Reduce weeds – weeds grow in areas where they can be successful, such as in thin, low areas. Having a thick lawn will help to defend against weeds of all types.

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